Rapha Core Bibs

Rapha Core Bib Shorts

First things first. Head over to Rapha.cc and place an order for some Core Bib shorts. Then, once they’re on the way, pop back here and read about why you’ve bought them.

Core Bibs


Ok, so lets get it out the way. Price. These shorts are £100, and this is the cheapest pair of bib shorts Rapha do. Lots of people will think that’s silly money, and its too much for a pair of shorts, or any cycling clothing. Let alone the £260 Pro Team Shadow shorts they offer …

Yes, it’s a fair amount of money, but worth every penny if you ask me. They use the same pad as the Classic bibs, and are £80 cheaper. I’m not sure why you would buy the Classic bibs any more? The only thing I suppose would be that these shorts tend to run a little longer than the Classic shorts, for me, that’s a huge bonus.

I think with anything Rapha, people get too caught up with complaining about price, and “Oh, I could buy ten pairs of my Aldi shorts for that …” Fine. If you want to wear those shorts that’s fine. I prefer these Rapha shorts because they look better, they’re stylish, and as with anything Rapha that I’ve owned. They’ll last forever. Plus, if I crash, or damage them – Rapha will repair them. (Let me just check if Core kit is covered by the repair service … YEP!)

    Comfort, Fit, & Style

They fit so well. I mean really well. I’m 6ft, and 65kg, and the size small is perfect. In Pro Team shorts, I need the longer leg versions, but these are perfect. The thick leg grippers mean you can position them where you want, higher, or lower than normal. I prefer lower, near the knee, and these sit well and stay there for the whole ride. The grippers are superb. They don’t leave marks of honour like the Pro Team shorts, but you can’t have it all 😉

Rapha Core Bib Shorts - Leg Gripper

I’ve said about the pad, but it’s so comfortable. Whether a short ride, or a longer ride. Your arse won’t complain.

So basically. These shorts are brilliant. SO much so that as it seems I’ve been waiting an eternity for Rapha to make more long legged Pro Team shorts available, I’ll just buy another pair of these, and save myself £90.