The first post on the new website/blog. I’ve not thought of much to ‘blog’ about at the moment, so I’ll just use this to explain what I built this site with, and my plans for it.

With most of my other websites and web projects, I’ve been building them with good old PHP and/or WordPress, with MySQL databases for storing the content. Nothing wrong with that, but I felt it was time to finally start working with some more modern frameworks and technologies. Some websites simply don’t need to rely on physical database servers.

Anyway, I put together this site by storing it all on Gitlab, building it with Hugo, and publishing it using Netlify. I’m loving the speed, and simplicity of it, once you get ytour head around the basics. It’s also pushed me to start working properly with Git again. I’ve used it plenty with previous roles, but not so much with my own projects, I don’t really know why.