Anker 4 Port USB3 Hub

Not glamorous, not particularly exciting, and not going to set the world alight. But, this simple little hub is an example of a quality product, with thoughtful touches and great packaging. All in all it means I’m a lot more likely to be buying accessories from Anker than I was before. Read on for a little review of the unit, and some pictures of the nice touches and packaging that I liked.


First Appearances

Firstly the packaging was really cool, above you can see how it came, then you take the sleeve off and it’s like this:


Very cool. Once the package is opened, you’re greeted with a “Welcome guide”, not that a USB3 hub needs much explaining, but still a nice touch, and a card that has “Happy?” on one side, and “Not Happy?” on the other, both with corresponding weather icons, sunny or raining respectively. Another very cool little touch, the Not Happy side has contact details for their support team etc, and the happy asks you to review the product. (It must have worked …)

On to the device itself. I went for the black version as you can tell, and it looks great. It’s heavy as well which is always handy. I’ve used plenty of cheap and flimsy USB hubs that slide all over the place which quickly becomes annoying. The USB cable from the device to your computer is sufficiently long enough, not short, not long, but in the middle, 59cm’s long to be exact.

Above all of this, and the packaging, I think the coolest and neatest touch from Anker is to include a patch of sticky backed velcro, so you can attach one bit to the hub, and the other to your desk, or the back of your monitor, or computer. Or even better, the underside of your desk. It’s a super simple, and no doubt cost next to nothing for Anker to include, but it’s such a good thing to include. Hats off to them on this. Very well done.

As I said before. I’ll definitely be buying more accessories from them with service like this.


It’s great, it works perfectly, I’ve noticed no difference in speeds between directly plugged in and through the hub. Copying files there’s no noticeable difference. I’ve only used it on my MacBook Pro running Yosemite though, not had a chance to test it with my Windows work machine, my Windows Tablet, or my Windows 10 test machine, I should find time to run some tests…

I’ve used it to copy large .iso files and .dmg files to a USB3 backup drive, no problems. I’ve run my Garmin Edge 510 uploads through it and it’s been fine. However, I’ve used it to run my Time Machine backup, and although it went through fine, it took a few seconds longer for my drive to be recognised by OSX. I may keep an eye on it and test that again.

But all in all. For £14.99 from Amazon, I think it’s been a worthwhile purchase.