Mundy Building Contractors


This project involved re-designing the old W.Mundy website and relaunching under the Mundy Building Contractor brand. This website is the second iteration of it as the initial design was based on a custom Joomla template that I created to reflect the exact design specifications sent over from Mundys.


After a year or so of the Joomla website, and version issues with their host, together we decided it would be beneficial to migrate the website to the WordPress platform as it, in my eyes is a lot stabler and easier to use for the client. Especially as more new projects would be being added to the website by them.

The new and current website is an adaptation of the Responsive Theme created by Cyber Chimps. I’ve edited it and customised it heavily to suit the exact needs of Mundy Building Contractors.


Visit Mundy Building Contractors Website

Ferguson HR Solutions


For this website, the client wanted a very professional and clean looking website that matched the subject of their business, Human Resources. So, I did some research and came back with some basic layouts and designs, and one thing was clear, blue was an important colour.

We quickly decided that blue, white, and grey would be key to our design so I set about putting together the designs for the website. We settled on the layout we have here and the client was very happy with it. We have the relevant information available straight away to the visitor, and we have a news section which is updated easily by the client through the WordPress backend.


Visit Ferguson HR Solutions

As well as creating, designing, and building the website, I was tasked with creating the logo for the business, along with business cards and some basic leaflets. The client made it claer that the logo needed to be very simple, and bold. I came up with 4 design ideas and the one you see below was the final chosen logo. Simple I think you’ll agree!


As you may have guess, the brief for the business cards was again to keep them very simple, and below is the final design.


This was a thoroughly enjoyable project that was made all the more easier by the client knowing exactly what they wanted. A job well done.

Wiltshire GP

What a great bank holiday weekend!! Hours spent on the bike in sunshine, and a Sunday spent on the bike and watching the Wiltshire GP, part of the British Cycling’s National Series Elite Road Races. It was a great chance to watch the pros riding on roads I train and ride on all the time, and they did make it look easy – although a few struggled, which made us all feel a bit better!

Anyway, I took a fair few snaps with my iPhone while watching, I’ve either tweaked them with Instagram where I posted a couple, or used “Fotor” on OSX. I’ve not used the application in a while and it had a couple of recent updates so I thought I’d play with it and edit a few images to see how it performs. The results are below:

First Ascent of Fovant Hill

Kristian House Climbs Fovant Hill

NFTO Climbing #hitters


The Peloton Climbing

Cornering in Broadchalke

Roger Hammond Stops for a Cake!

Tao Geoghegan Hart

Putting it Down!

Hugh Wilson

Matt Stephens On Top Form!

That’s about it, I was too busy clambering over people to take a shot of the finish, I stood in the photographers area and it was awesome, then managed to shamelessly stand in the shot while Sian Welby interviewed winner Marcin Białobłocki … I’m sure you’ll see me on Eurosport!!

Review: Topeak RedLite Aero

I thought that since I buy quite a lot of bike stuff, and subsequently use it, a lot. That it would be worth me writing some short reviews on the products and kit that I buy.

My first review then would be for the Topeak RedLite Aero rear light, I bought it as soon as it was available, funnily enough after reading the review for it on It was £16.99 and I got it through Amazon.

As found, the light is easy to fit, nicely designed and is very bright and easy to see right out of the box. I thought I’d share a few experiences of using it in long term situations seeing as they reviewed it so early on.

The main thing I like about the light is the absolute ease of use of switching it between bikes. Now I know most rear lights are generally easier to switch that front lights, mainly because they don’t need to be perfectly positioned, they just need to be bright, and visible. But having said that, the RedLite has the super stretchy elastic fastener, which incidently they supply two of, a smaller and larger one. I found that even the smaller one stretches enough for both my bikes. I have an Allez as my winter bike, so no issues fitting it on the seat post and my other bike is a Scott Foil with an aero seat post. The RedLite handles them both with ease and fits perfectly.

Another plus is that it’s fully waterproof, it’s also nicely designed in that when it gets caked in mud, which being a UK winter, it did, a lot. It’s straight edge type styling means that it’s easily cleaned with a quick wipe of a cloth, no deep indentations to dig mud out of etc. The button sits underneath and is easily accessible and easy to turn on or off whilst riding.

All in all, a great rear light. I love mine.


The Black Horse Hurdcott


I’ve worked with the landlords of The Black Horse before on their two previous pubs, creating websites, social media, and handling updates for them. As well as performing all their computer maintenance and networking installs.

So when they took over at The Black Horse in Hurdcott it was another little project for me to come up with the website for them. It’s a very simple site, based on Bootstrap, and as the pub name suggests, we kind of had to include some black in the theme. I tried not to make it too dark and hopefully the fresh feel of the pub comes through with the use of some of the bright images.

We’re waiting for some nice typical English sunny summers days to get some more images, and the guys are working on the social network side of things now that I’ve taught them how to handle it.

The Black Horse Hurdcott

Take a closer look at the site, and some of the upcoming events!

Festive 500 Loot!

Over Christmas I completed the Rapha Festive 500. As part of that I registered for the free Rapha Woven Roundel, and I also thought that since I’m unlikely to be able to do this every Christmas, I’d buy the commemorative Rapha T-Shirt through Strava.

Both came through the post in the last couple of weeks, and below are a couple of images showing them. Enjoy.




Intrepid Red


I’ve worked with Thom Belk on a few projects, and this was a website for his events management company. Thom gave me the logo he had designed and basically gave me free reign to come up with a site.

I based it on another site I had seen in that it is designed to be on one page, it’s a continual scrolling design with links to the individual pages as well. I think it works well and has proved a success when hosting the voting system for the Salisbury Music Awards for the past 2 years.


Take a look at Thom’s site, we’ll be working on adding an events page soon,